Heitec Presents Sub-racks with VPX/OpenVPX and CompactPCI Serial Architecture


New standard elements are ideal for serial backplane technology, high transmission rates and intensive data processing

As an extension of its standard product offering, Heitec announces new sub-rack elements and plug & play system solutions based on the new open standards VPX/OpenVPX and CompactPCI-Serial. The innovations are particularly suitable for the simple design of modular 3U and 6U platforms and are used for high-speed backplane technologies and demanding applications. They stand out due to their robust mechanics which makes them particularly suitable for challenging environments. Upon request, they can be delivered fully assembled, pre-wired and tested, including backplane and power supply and even as a completely integrated system. Individual configurations, excellent EMC capabilities and ventilation concepts, as they are needed for intensive data processing, can be realized quickly and cost-effectively. Optimum airflow is ensured by the narrow design of the card guides and profile rails.

CompactPCI Serial and VPX/OpenVPX are the consequential developments of the CompactPCI and VME standards defined by PCIMG and VITA respectively. For both standards, new connectors were defined to meet the requirements of interfaces with fast serial point-to-point connections, as they are required by new technologies, and thus to achieve higher transmission rates.

In CompactPCI Serial the parallel PCI bus used by CompactPCI was replaced. Backplanes and platforms featuring a system slot and up to eight peripheral slots are now possible. The network in the backplane can be implemented either as a star or a full-mesh architecture, which allows for the construction of multi-processor systems. Up to six multi-pole connectors enable transmission rates of up to 12 GByte/sec. The supply voltage was unified to 12V.


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